Upcoming Hack-A-Brain Dev Jam

Hack-A-Brain Event Handbill

Event Summary:

This Saturday (Feb. 16th),The Brain Interface Lab is hosting an all-day event titled Hack-A-Brain. The event is a dev jam focused on the creation of novel applications of low-cost brain interfaces. We were able to procure a variety of commercial EEG devices for the event, including headsets from Neurosky and Emotiv.


12pm-2pm (66 5th Ave, Room 101) – Dorkshop, competition announcement
2pm-3pm – lunch / mingle / form teams
3pm-9pm (6 E 16th St., floors 9 and 11) – Hack-A-Brain Dev Jam… finish forming teams / conceptualize / prototype / design / build / document / present / decide on winner

Goals of the event:

– bring together people from a wide range of disciplines that are interested in brain-computer interfacing
– conceptualize, design, prototype, and build tools/applications that explore future implications of interfacing the brain
– document and publish all work with the intention of driving forward the DIY brain-interfacing community
– initiate an ongoing discussion around the future of brain interfaces, spawning future similar events


(12pm-2pm) – “Interfacing the Brain” informational Dorkshop / announce rules of Hack-A-Brain
(2pm-3pm) – Lunch / form Hack-A-Brain dev jam teams
(3pm-5:30pm) – Conceptualize / design / begin building (be sure to document all phases of work)
(5:30pm) – event coordinators will check in with all groups
(5:30pm-7:30pm) – finish building (be sure to document all phases of works
(7:30-8pm) – document/publish work on Brain Interface Lab website (or other online site) / prepare to share project
(8pm) – teams showcase projects
(8:25pm) – judges convene to determine winner
(8:30pm) – winner announced
(8:45pm) – Hack-A-Brain after-party begins!

What to bring (if you don’t own, don’t worry):

– Arduino or other electronics prototyping equipment
– Any electronics equipment
– Your computer
– Your brains!

Provided Brain Interfaces

Provided Brain Interfaces


The members of the team with the project that best meets the goals of the Hack-A-Brain dev jam will be awarded with hackable commercial EEG devices (a maximum of 4 devices).

Groups invited to the event:

– Parsons MFA Design & Technology
– Various other New School programs
– Hunter College Computer Science
– Columbia MD/PHD Neuroscience
– Columbia Biomedical Engineering
– Columbia Computer Science
– Hack Manhattan
– Open to all!


Register now on eventbrite: http://hackabrain.eventbrite.com/ with the password “hackthatbrain”


Join the event on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/135949113238392/?fref=ts


Rachel Law’s Art Tech Events


The New School Office of Student Development & Activities: http://www.newschool.edu/student-services/student-development-and-activities/



Volumetric Society of NYC

Volumetric Society of NYC


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