Mindflex: Please Express Our Emotions For Us.. Matthew Will Make



Our group leader, X.O., recruits team to carry our his idea to associate certain brain wave states (measured in hertz) with certain moods, colors, pictures etc…

Can we create a program that expresses our mood through pictures and colors? If so, that program could be used for party organizing and other applications!

3:20 – 4:00

We hacked our mindflex using the instructions on http://frontiernerds.com/brain-hack . Unscrewed, glued, sodered, etc…


Matthew, our 15 yr programming prodigy!, comes up with a good idea:

Make our mindflex EEG device smaller and easier to wear.

We might be able to accomplish 2 projects in 1 hakcathon.. He gets to work on the nifty 3D printer he brought from home.


Doo, another one of our group members, finds a bunch of pictures from the web to associate with the 8 different moods our mind flex will register:

He stores them on a Microsoft Powerpoint and in JPEGs so that X.O. and Clinton (our other group member) an program them in.

5:00 – 8:00

X.O. and clinton work on the code to help render the pictures to certain EEG readings (in Hertz)


We finally get our Mindflex working with the Arduino. XO and Clinton begin to debug the code so that everything works smoothly.

Not sure if this is gonna get done by the 8PM deadline :-/

We got readings but not the formatting.

XO’s explaination:

technical issues: tools and board and your actual serial port prefs. Thats a PC problem, doesn’t look like they had that problem with the macs.

8:00 (5 minutes left)

We had many pictures for each category, but we will only be able to present 1 picture.. maybe :-/

But Matthew looks like he’s gonna finish!


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