Têtris is an eeg-run modification of the original game Tetris. We used the Mattel Mindflex toy with an Arduino to build our experiment.

Early on in the hackathon, we decided that we wanted to make a game. The tough part was coming up with a game that would fit the best with the output that the headset was generating. The output from the Mindflex is generated at a rate of 1Hz while most types of games we have today are designed to be controlled continuously (60 fps).

Our first step was setting up the headset. We downloaded the demo apps and got familiar with how it behaved in different scenarios (Solving a Rubik’s cube, doing mental math, playing music, etc).

After that, we started fleshing out our first game concept, in which the user was to control the speed of a bike using their level of focus. We had a few different ideas, like having the user maintain their focus at a specific level instead of just trying to maximize it, or making them lower their attention quickly after a certain point in time to avoid falling off a cliff.

We weren’t completely satisfied with this game concept, so we took a step back and tried to think of a game that focused on two key aspects: using the discreteness of the headset output to our advantage and measuring winning via lack of attention.

Our measure for refresh frequency is based on attention rather than mediation. During our “testing phase”, we hooked up the MindFlex while Ramzi solved a Rubik’s cube and found that his meditation numbers skyrocketed! (while his attention only increased marginally)

Because we didn’t have much time, we decided to use an open source JS Tetris version. We modified the game to scale speed with the attention level i.e. when your attention level increases, Tetris speeds up, which in turn causes you to increase attentiveness — positive feedback loop.

To send the headset data to JS we used noduino. (http://semu.github.com/noduino/)
Some media:
photo (1)
Team Members:
  – Jackson Lin
  – Hannah Chen
  – Grant Kot
  – Ramzi Abdoch
  – Carl Majeau

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