Conor Russomanno 

The Brain Guy

The Brain Guy

Conor is pursuing his MFA in Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design. He did his undergraduate studies in engineering at Columbia University. Conor has done extensive research and development in the domain of commercial and DIY brain-computer interfacing. He recently founded the Brain Interface Lab, a community intended to drive forward the open-source and open-hardware spheres of neuroscience and personal neurofeedback, approaching the brain from a real-world perspective.

Kristen Kersh                              


Brain Woman

Kristen is a New York City native who recently moved back after living in Colorado, Chicago,       and Boston. She received her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Fine Arts, Art History at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Kristen graduated last spring with a masters in Neuroscience and Education form the Harvard Graduate School of Education and she is currently a first year MFA candidate in the Design and Technology program at Parsons, The New School for Design. For the past four years Kristen has worked in various positions that involve education, technology and creativity. These positions have included her two years as a Teach for America corps member in Denver CO, her experience as an Account Executive at Groupon, and more recently a counsultant for Girls Write Now.

Sarah Wever

Sleep Brain Woman

Sleep Brain Woman

Da boss.

Joseph Moore


The Game Coder

Playing and coding it up.

Shahrouz Varshabi


Shahrouz Brain Web Man

Making the graphics.

Tiam Taheri


Brain Media Master

Video and photo master.


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