About The Page

This page is an ever-growing clearinghouse of media streams, tutorials, hacks, news, projects, etc. related to brain-computer interfaces. Please feel free to comment on this page with links that you think are relevant and we’ll do our best to update and organize it in a timely manner.

Discovery News (BCI Tag)
Charlie Rose: The Brain Series


BCI Research Labs


Frontiernerds: How To Hack Toy EEGs
Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter
Puzzlebox Synapse Softare (a server for EEG headset data)
Mindflex Teardown
Using Neurosky Mindset in Processing
Control A Playlist With Your Mind
EEG Electrode How-To
Emokit (Emotiv Github Code)
Mind Over Melon: Destroy Watermelons With Your Mind
Thinkgear Java Socket: Thinkgear Processing Library
MindStream – NeuroSky EEG Data Streamer
Controlling Robot With Your Mind (Neurosky Mindwave Mobile)
EEG With An Arduino
Playing Pong With Your Mind (Arduino)
Neurosky Brainwave Visualizer (Arduino -> Processing)
Raw 512 Hz Signal from Mindflex’s Neuorsky Thinkgear Chip
Arduino Brain Library for Mindflex Hack
Mindflex XBee Hack
How to Hack Toy EEGs with Arduino (Derivative of Frontiernerds Hack)
Emotiv: Brain-Controlled Wheel-chair
Template for Neurosky Thinkgear Connector Android Application
Mentok the Mind-Taker: EEG Recorder (Mindflex -> Computer)


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